Women looking for the trendy medium cuts should first consider if the style is complimentary for their individual facial shapes, style, and age as some of these trends are really more fitting towards different aspects. Women should first look at facial shape and determine if the hairstyle opens up the facial area or uses a fringe or other features to soften facial areas. Many medium hairstyles rely on the fringe to produce more flattering looks and will often combine styling methods like curls, sleek appearances, and layers. Some of these medium hairstyles are more fitting for older women while some for younger but there are quite a few that are versatile enough to fit all age ranges and individual styles.

Plain Medium Hairstyle

Medium hairstyles can be combined with so many different styling methods but the simplest ones can often be some of the most beautiful ones and Rachel Stevens shows just how it is done. This simple cut features hair that comes to shoulder length and is allowed to fall down with natural looking bends. The hair features a sleek appearance and is parted slightly off-center with some of the front strands falling over the facial area. The hairstyle is very simple but very complimentary to many facial shapes while creating a very charming look. Styling is easy as well as all that is really required is some gel and a brush to style the hair just a little and to keep the strands in place. Extra shine can be added to the hairstyle using a flat iron and some styling products to keep the hair sleek.

Framing Trendy Medium Hairstyle

The hairstyle here is still a trendy one and very flattering to any face shape with the framing detail produced by the sweeping fringe and hair styled close to the face. Kaley Cuoco shows off the beautiful medium hairstyle that combines layers and the natural bend in the hair. The wide fringe softens and can be easily created with a round brush and maybe a little gel. The locks on the sides can be slightly bent using a flat iron or brush and directed towards the face. This hairstyle is really a mold for the basic medium look using various styles of fringes and locks. There are several hairstyles that use sleek locks that go straight down or even combine curls. Women will find these trendy medium cuts very flattering and easily changeable.

Salon Creation – Choppy Medium Hairstyle

Medium hairstyles fit well with many styles and the choppy cut is no different as shown by this lovely creation by Jamison Shaw Salon. The hairstyle features many similar components found on most medium length hairstyles and because the length is not too short or too long, allows for lots of different styling methods. The hair in the front including the fringe feature choppy strands and brings about a more blunt appearance. The hair on the sides is styled towards the facial area behind the side of the cheeks which opens up the jaw line and cheekbones which some women might not favor. The hairstyle shows how changing some parts of the hairstyle still produce a fabulous look. This is an outstanding job by the hair stylists at Jamison Shaw Salon.

Sleek Medium Cut

The sleek look is a favorable addition to medium hairstyles that gets really trendy every now and then and here Rachel McAdams shows a very close fitting one that frames the facial area to almost a max. The layered cut features dark, shiny hair that falls down and trims against the face down to the shoulders. The wide fringe masks most of the forehead and brings out the eyes, cheeks, nose, and lips as the hairstyle does not have many flashy features. This sleek hairstyle does its job of covering up key areas, keeping the hairstyle simple, and creating an alluring look. The hairstyle is not hard to style either and a round brush or flat iron can really help create this look. Adding the sleek look to a medium cut and combining this with a fringe definitely creates flattering hairstyles lots of women will love.

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